The Weekly | Gingerbread House & Food

wr2Happy sunday loves, this week was pretty fun, I had a few days off with Thomas so we caught up and did some christmas shopping, had breakfast and dinner out and even picked up sprinkles cupcakes (before diet started people, on sunday). We put up a small christmas tree since we won’t be home much for the holidays there was no point in putting up the big one. I built a gingerbread house with the kids which they loved it! I got to see my dear friend Alysha who came in from Virginia and we went to go see the hunger games catching fire, boy was it goooood. It’s a must see, i cried like such a baby for the old lady, and after we hit up hooters and caught up. I have really been enjoying the bare trees lately, it really looks like winter is here and in a way it has a peaceful look to it. We are headed to Ohio this week to see my favorite cousin graduate college! Woohoo! So proud of her and can’t wait for our 8 hour road trip.

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