Wedding Wednesday | Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are really fun to take. I didn’t think i would want them but once i found a deal on Living Social i had to pick it up. We took our photos at the same location I got proposed too at Gantry Park.lte1 lte2 lte3 lte4 lte5 lte6 lte7 lte8 lte9 lte10 lte11 lte12 lte13 lte14 lte15 lte16This is a spot we always loved to spend time at and since he proposed to me there i figured let’s get our engagement shots there too. Our photos were taken by Jacquie at Photo Philosophies. She was extremely great to work with, she made us feel comfortable and took some amazing photos especially since we got caught taking them on a rainy day. It was so foggy it was insane, i mean you couldn’t even see the New York City skyline, which normally looks like this daily. The skyline looks so close that you can touch it. I really wanted it to show in the photos, but hey i got what i got and to be honest i was happy with them, they remind me of The Notebook with the fog/rain.

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