Two year old and the iPad

Seriously i don’t know what to do with Drake. He seems to be getting more and more addicted to the iPad. I don’t know if this is normal behavior with children and technology now a days or if its a bad thing. Lately all drake wants is my iPhone or iPad. I know a lot of kids love playing with it but it’s gotten to the point where he wants to throw tantrums about it, especially if we go to charge it. Like seriously? I need to charge it buddy so you can play with it! Uhhh! I am so not use to this motherhood thing, its all new to me although i love him sometimes i feel defeated by him. Like it’s his way or the high way. I know i have to put my foot down but it’s like fighting a mini crazy troll …..8353538157_88efde56c4_cWell, I’m just wondering, does anyone have this issue?! How do you control it. I don’t want to take it completely away from him but it looks like i am going to have to start setting limits on it, but i am wondering if doing that will even work. Don’t you just love terrible twos?!

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