Summer Beginnings

As a person who can't stand the summer heat, I gotta be honest it hasn't been that awful this year. Summer is winning me over so far and I am loving everyday of it. I have been really busy and have a lot of upcoming events so maybe that's why, usually in the winter I have so much free time. Also the weather has been pretty nice lately in NYC it's not as humid as usual and if it is it usually rains ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Spring Time & The Boys

Life has been pretty sweet lately. I got a lot of stuff done that I've been meaning to do and now that it's all done I feel like I'm super mom! Ever get that feeling, like nothing can stop you? I love it! I did a lot of shopping and walking around since the weather was beautiful this week. I'm happy spring is here early, we're enjoying the weather and it feels great to get out the apt with the ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Goodbye February

I cannot believe February has come to an end, where does the time go. It's kind of crazy because today I was sitting at home just thinking about how fast the time is going and how Drake is going to be 6 and Donovan already 4 months, It's like life feels so fast the older we get. Like there is never enough time to just absorb it all and enjoy it. It's king of scary to me at times, All I keep ... Read the Post

Drake is Four!

Yesterday, just like that, he turned four. These past three years, I've learned so much about being a "mom". I didn't know how hard it would be, how much time and effort, and I especially didn't know the love I would feel for him. Three years, just like that. A blink of an eye. I completely understand what mother's feel, I understand what they mean when they say "they grow so fast", because they ... Read the Post

7 Spoken Phrases | Drake

Oh my baby bear, how big you are getting :( He is so opinionated, and quick to speak his mind, he's just growing up so quickly, man how time flies by. Here are some sweet phrases Drake like's to say lately ..... "Yaya (that's what he calls me) I am not a baby I'm a big boy!" | There is no calling this kid baby lately. He refuses to allow anyone to call him a baby and even if they do he will ... Read the Post

We Built a Gingerbread House!

A few days ago i was busy shopping in A.C. Moore and came across the kit to build a gingerbread house. I thought "hmm i wonder if the kids will enjoy this?" So i just threw it in my cart and brought it home. So for the first week of December I decided let me get the kids in the Holiday spirit and get them to build it. I thought they would be bored of the idea and do it for a few minutes and then ... Read the Post

Drake the Bear

Lately Drake has been on an imagination roll. He refuses to be called Drake, his new name is baby bear (yes i'm serious). I think it's quite cute honestly. It all started when my brother gave him an old aviator style hat to try on. He ended up wanting it and now he wears it non stop, even in Pajamas. He won't let it go and he started acting like a bear too crawling (or walking) on all fours. It ... Read the Post

Drake Gets Glasses

Oh the joy, Drake got glasses. He wasn't too thrilled about it at first but we made it into something fun and "cool" for him. He grasped the concept a little and was smooth sailing after that. The only thing though is that he kept fighting me at the store on which glasses he wanted. Obviously i won! He forgot about the pair he wanted (which were blue and too big for his face, otherwise i would of ... Read the Post

Two year old and the iPad

Seriously i don't know what to do with Drake. He seems to be getting more and more addicted to the iPad. I don't know if this is normal behavior with children and technology now a days or if its a bad thing. Lately all drake wants is my iPhone or iPad. I know a lot of kids love playing with it but it's gotten to the point where he wants to throw tantrums about it, especially if we go to charge it. ... Read the Post