Beauty Favorites | January

I love winter but lately my skin has been drying up badly. I mean I look like a chalk board bad. I have been looking for some products that I could use on a regular basis. I can’t rely on regular lotion because sometimes it just doesn’t do it any justice and you will still […]


Beauty | Curly Hair Favorites

Oh the wonderful world of curly hair. It’s honestly a love/hate relationship with me. I know having curly hair can be a blessing for some because it looks beautiful but if i could have it my way it would be dead straight, and here’s why: I don’t have to cry while combing out my hair. […]


Beauty | Favorite Products

Woohoo! Time for some of my beauty favorites. I love makeup 🙂 it just makes me so happy! Here are a list of my top favorite beauty products so far that i have been using regularly lately. 1. Elf Studio Brushes | I have just purchased these and I was a little skeptical because they […]