Beauty Favorites | January

I love winter but lately my skin has been drying up badly. I mean I look like a chalk board bad. I have been looking for some products that I could use on a regular basis. I can't rely on regular lotion because sometimes it just doesn't do it any justice and you will still find me trying to rip my skin apart. So I decided to go check out the Soap & Glory Body Butter. Talk about "butter" this ... Read the Post

Beauty | Curly Hair Favorites

Oh the wonderful world of curly hair. It's honestly a love/hate relationship with me. I know having curly hair can be a blessing for some because it looks beautiful but if i could have it my way it would be dead straight, and here's why: I don't have to cry while combing out my hair. My hair is fine, curly and boy does it hurt to comb, there is no such thing as combing my hair dry! It must ... Read the Post

Beauty | Favorite Products for the Fall!

I love the fall but at times it can be rough on your skin. NYC late fall weather is more like winter, for example it is 21 degrees right now and my skin is starting to feel like sandpaper, you get my drift?! So yea, lately i have been loving a couple of these items not only for my skin but on a daily basis, just because. 1. Essie Wicked | I have been wearing Essie's Wicked for years now, it is ... Read the Post

Beauty | Favorite Products

Woohoo! Time for some of my beauty favorites. I love makeup :) it just makes me so happy! Here are a list of my top favorite beauty products so far that i have been using regularly lately. 1. Elf Studio Brushes | I have just purchased these and I was a little skeptical because they were really inexpensive and I have had some bad experiences with cheap brushes. These brushes though are ... Read the Post

Favorite Beauty Products for the Summer!

As a person who suffers from oily/dry skin, the summer time can be very irritating OR helpful to my skin. During the winter time i love to use foundation to even my skin tone. Only thing is that when summer time comes around  and i begin to get a tanned color i feel like sometimes i don't have to use foundation as much, so i keep it simple. Here are my 5 top summer favorites when it comes to ... Read the Post