Room Tour

I mostly got my room down packed on how i want it to look and feel. I wanted it to be comfortable and bright. I also wanted it to be functional where i can have my own area to work. Most of my furniture is from Ikea from the line Hermes. My desk is a regular white long vika desktop you can find at Ikea with the Vika Alex Drawers that hold the table top up. I love it. It’s functional and long enough to work on, so far it’s perfect for me.

My little bench here (technically a tv stand) is long and very sturdy to sit on so i made it into a bench to sit on now i just have to find a cushioned seating for it. It was going to get thrown away, so i turned it into this! Don’t mind the bogus pillows i added as the cushion like i said i am working on replacing that :).

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