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So this month i burned tons of candles from a huge haul i did at Bath & Body Works in the fall. Do you believe i am pretty much done with them and only have 2 candles left out of 10! Yikes i burned those puppies fast. I just have really been enjoying candles a lot lately and i burn them daily, so when Bath & Body Works had their 2 for $22 sale i jumped on it. Out of all the candles, here are my top 5 favorites that i purchased (in no particular order):

candlSo a brief description about the scents:

Eucalyptus Mint | This has a very nice aromatherapy scent. It smells like mint (spearmint) but not of only mint it has a citrus scent too which it gives it a fresh clean smell.

Marshmallow Fireside | This candle is pretty popular, it smells just like marshmallows roasting in the fireside, sweet but not over bearing.

Tis’ The Season | This candle has been on my favorite winter items and i still love it. It’s a blend of peppermint, red apples, pines, and cider! It really does remind you of the holidays when you burn this.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles | Oh man let me tell you i burned this bad boy in my office at work and everyone loved it, they said it smelled like i was baking something. It’s such a sweet not over bearing baking smell. It honestly smells delicious. A mixture of waffles and pecans and well pumpkin though i don’t smell pumpkin too much in there. They don’t sell it in b&bw right now because it’s seasonal for the fall so i tried finding it elsewhere and they have ridiculous prices for them, blah i guess i have to wait till next year to stock up on them.

Cranberry Woods | This smells like wood and cranberries, give you such a nice cinnamon, cranberry bark smell. Yum. I just put this on for an hour and my home smelled awesome.

What are your favorite bath and body works candles or scents? I would like to try more.

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