It just got serious.

Hey guys! Sorry I have been a little M.I.A. but it just got real these last few weeks and I am by far a little overwhelmed with it all. Not that I am not enjoying it or anything, I just really haven’t had much time for myself is all. I guess this is what I get for procrastinating so much. So what have I been up to lately?

  • I have been going hard at the gym, I mean it’s not something I love so I really had to focus my attention on burning this blubber since i have been procrastinating with it for a while now. Only have 5 more months till the big day and I had to get it together.
  • The wedding crap has literally slapped me in the face this past month. For a year now i was all “Oh I got lots of time” or “Oh there isn’t that much to think about just pick or choose and pay, you’re done.” yea, right. I have currently been trying to hunt down an officiant, and who knew it could be so difficult or expensive?! Seriously, $600.00, $400.00, $395.00 (like really, $5.00 less?!) and some require pre-marital counseling, some could care less and you just have to pay them an arm and a leg lol. It’s insanity I tell you, the hard part of planning the wedding is hunting people down or dealing with questions like “Can I bring a guest?!” Um no! So I have been finishing up a couple of things. Everything else that is left to pay or do is DIY’s or Tuxes, flower girl dresses, hair and makeup ….. you get the idea.
  • Speaking of hair and makeup, I went to get my hair and makeup trial, and although i liked it my mom not so much. She actually told me i look like an old lady :-/ so of course i had to change my style from an up do to maybe a side swipe down. I don’t know, sometimes i feel like certain people don’t know how to deal with my hair because it is so curly. So when they do these fancy do’s they have a hard time with it. I think she did a great job after all it was just a trial but my mom said it lacked shine. What do you think?! Maybe i need highlights?imageimageimage
  • Drake has been suffering from an ear infection that the ear specialist doesn’t seem to find the root of the issue, and his primary doctor swears he has nothing. So now I have to find him a new doctor because it is happening much more frequently that he ends up getting fever and missing school.
  • I lost a sweet friend two weeks ago too. The weekend before St. Patricks day, he was out celebrating with friends with drinks and just collapsed at the end of the night. We still don’t know why yet but it was a total shock, only 31 years old. He was the most humble, sweet, open minded friend. It really gave me a reality check as to how precious life is and to not take it for granted. Half the time people complain about getting old or aging but in reality it should be something we appreciate and enjoy because it is not promised to everyone.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Remember to kiss & hug your loved ones daily, you’re never promised tomorrow. It was much needed break but I missed everyone and I am back!

xo Lili.

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