I Love Blogging

229191068507162249_h3e00mzz_f1Believe it or not, I have been blogging since 2003 , pretty much on and off. I love it! My first time blogging was with LiveJournal haha the good ‘ol days. It’s still around but now there are so many other blogging platforms out there that it’s lost in the crowd. Here are ten things I love about blogging …..

  1. The community and meeting other bloggers! It’s nice to meet new people and make friends. You don’t feel like you are alone out there, there are millions of bloggers and as the years go on there will be so much more, the fact that you have a wonderful community to connect with is also one of my favorite benefits of blogging, if you love blogging about makeup, kids, your life, there are just so many people out there with similar blogs that you can connect with and enjoy reading.
  2. All of the inspirations that is out there. I love seeing crafts, DIY’s, recipes, fashion senses, you name it! In the blogging world it’s never boring.
  3. The fact that you can say what you want, when you want, and just vent! Share your feelings and views and ideas, anything you want and not care because after all it’s your space!
  4. It has pushed me to be more creative and really a place for me to share what I love to do.
  5. I love how blogging is an online archive / journal of my life, something that I can look back on one day and reminisce. Since it’s all digital I don’t have to worry about it getting lost.
  6. I love being so organized with my posts and scheduling weeks ahead, and hitting that publish button knowing I accomplished sharing something.
  7. I love the comments people share with you, their opinions which help push me to write more.
  8. I love how anything can be turned into a blog post. You can share anything such as food, outings, things I am currently working on, lists of goals, its such a huge creative outlet and a fun hobby to have.
  9. I don’t know about you but I love designing my blog too. I went to college for design both web and graphic and it’s one of my passions. The fact that I can play with html is just fun to me 🙂 and I love the feeling when i finish a project that I designed and get to share. It’s a skill that a few find hard to learn, and I am proud I actually know how too create websites and graphics.
  10. The design of blogs, I still rather read blogs than magazines! I just feel like blogs are better than magazines, it’s updated constantly!

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