Goodbye 2011, Hello New Beginning!


Goodbye 2011! It was a long and ehhhh year, but also a blessed one i must say. This year i am hoping to get myself together, life just gives you way too much distractions and i sometimes feel that we always get caught up in it, no matter how much you try to avoid it. Instead of doing 20 New Years Resolutions like most people do, and never follow, i will be focusing on two things this year and trying to at least get those goals set before i work on all of my other wishes.

One thing i have in mind is definetly getting my health in check, and i won’t say, OH I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT! No because apparently i always say that and it get’s me no where i always slack or fall off completely and i don’t want to do that, i want a permanent change and so i figured i will just change my eating habits all together. Not drastically but cut things out little by little and make it a habit and not focus on it as a weight loss, because once i start looking at the weight coming off i get anxious to see more and that is not my goal, i just want to be healthier. So if that mean cutting down on portions, Going gluten free and more organic and just working out more and not looking at the scale and getting discouraged, well then that is what i will do!

The other thing i have my heart set on this year is financial stability. I just want to have a lot of money put away for a rainy day and i really want to focus and keeping a good habit of saving money. Because honestly, in New York that is a big task to do with all the shopping, restuarants and entertainment everywhere. I feel like every time i want to save, i always have another event to attend or another party to go to and money just fly’s out of my hands like a bird trying to be free. So no more of that, i will try to have more get together at home or at friends houses, watch more movies on Netflix instead of the theatres, cut down on dining out (also cause i want to focus on my health) and just be set on saving money! So i will be saying “no” to a lot of people this year :).

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