Currently | Dec. 18th

photoDrinking: A lot of coffee, i had stopped for a while but i really need to chill out cause i am beginning to make it a habit again, i am already having about 2-3 cups a day. eeks.
Eating: Thomas has been cooking for me lately, he made this delicious BBQ chicken, but seriously it was like the best BBQ chicken i have ever had with loaded mashed potatoes. I hat a little of the potatoes but the chicken, wow! He’s definitely picking up great cooking skills at the fire house lol.
Listening: Holiday Music, all day everyday. Literally. At work, it’s playing non stop and at the stores i hear it non stop, so when i’m home i just want no music 🙂 well no Christmas carols that is.
Watching: Dexter Series, I know i am late but we have gotten into seeing it lately.
Reading: Divergent – Veronica Roth
Feeling: Overwhelmed, with the holidays, being on a tight budget for the wedding and planning still in general, maybe because it is everything at once right now.
Weather: Cold then hot then cold and Dry in NYC.
Wanting: To finalize my invitations already, who knew picking paper could be so ….. hard.
Needing: A personal assistant to push me to do things haha.
Wishing: I can stop my OCD, not joking. I think i have gotten a lot better and i am not as bad as other people but i know if i don’t continue to take control of it, it will get worst.
Thinking: How beautiful life is. Wishing i never took advantage of it before, but at least i realize it now.
Enjoying: Blogging more often and getting organized with it.
Loving: The color RED lately (although it’s one of my favorite colors) seeing it everywhere puts me in a great mood. Such a rich beautiful color.

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