How I Organize my Life!

Some of you may not know this but i am a complete neat/organization freak. I like to have everything in it's spot and everything planned out. That's just how i am, although at times i can be a procrastinator i still like to stay organized. I seriously do not know how some people go about life with out agendas, or calendars to keep tack of their appointments, duties and everyday life. I mean hey if ... Read the Post

Wedding Wednesday | Color Palette

Hey guys, so i finally picked a color palette for the wedding. I will be getting married at the beginning of September which technically it's still summer, but everyone knows September as the beginning of fall, so i wanted a bright color but also i wanted darker colors as well. I decided to go with a couple color combinations. Coral with Gold & Brown with hints of white. Picking colors is ... Read the Post

Beauty | Curly Hair Favorites

Oh the wonderful world of curly hair. It's honestly a love/hate relationship with me. I know having curly hair can be a blessing for some because it looks beautiful but if i could have it my way it would be dead straight, and here's why: I don't have to cry while combing out my hair. My hair is fine, curly and boy does it hurt to comb, there is no such thing as combing my hair dry! It must ... Read the Post