Project Life Update | March-May

Finally caught up on my Project Life. I was behind 3 months, it's ok though, because i just scrap monthly, not daily. Or as i go along. But i LOVE this system so much, it's honestly the best. I want to change the album cover itself though, still thinking to what though. ... Read the Post

Etsy Love

Currently browsing through and let me just say it is one of my favorite places to find original items and i am loving a couple of things i see right now that are on my to buy list ..... - Lovely Bird and Nest Necklace: Beautiful turquoise eggs, it is so original and delicate looking.   - Orabella Earrings: Love big earrings and i like how these are light weight and made of non ... Read the Post

What I Love & Use

So i am always buying things to organize my life. And i thought i'd share some items that i have bought recently or have had from the past that i ♥love and will continue to use till i get sick of it. Usually i hate having to dig through my purse, so i bought one of these in hot pink at my Barnes & Nobles but you can find them here as well. I usually store my keys, or power cords for my ... Read the Post

Loving at the moment | 04.14.11

I love finding cool new things over the web. I was browsing the web and came across a few cute finds today that i would love to get.       One Line a Day Journal: Track the ups and downs of life, day by day with this little memory book. Perfect for project life in my opinion.       I'm A Parent? Journal: This is the best gift to give to a first time ... Read the Post

Loving right Now …..

Spring is finally here and i am loving a couple of new fashion styles coming out this season and of course i had to purchase a fun thing i found on the internet lately. Also we have some new chicks that are born this april at my job. Every year we hatch little chicks and well this year about 30/40 hatched. This was the little oddball out the only darkess one there her name is Cutlet (I didn't name ... Read the Post

Project Life is in the House!

Finally has arrived my beautiful project life. So i was pondering on how i was going to go about setting this thing up and i figured i am going to go with the flow with it. I am going to add my photos as i take them not everyday 365 because sometimes i just don't take photos daily, but by per month basis i will be loading photos in this album as i go along, as well as add all my additional ... Read the Post