Beauty | Favorite Products for the Fall!


I love the fall but at times it can be rough on your skin. NYC late fall weather is more like winter, for example it is 21 degrees right now and my skin is starting to feel like sandpaper, you get my drift?! So yea, lately i have been loving a couple of these items not only for my skin but on a daily basis, just because.

1. Essie Wicked | I have been wearing Essie’s Wicked for years now, it is my go to favorite fall color of all time. Something about it makes me look at my nails/hand all the time.

2. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint | OK this bad boy is pretty great. I am a matte foundation lover because i have oily skin and some areas dry but mostly oily. I didn’t want something to feel so dry when i apply it. This applies great and for a moisturizing tint it has major coverage in my opinion. A little goes a long way.

3. Lush Ocean Salt | OMG! Seriously, you will never understand until you try it. This scrub is amazing, it exfoliates your skin both face and body and leaves it feeling like a babies bottom (all jokes aside). Plus the smell is so therapeutic. One of my favorites for face and body. Pretty much all of their products are great.

4. Ahava Lotion Dermud Hand Cream | I received this lotion in my birch box a while back and was like “oh great another lotion”. Well boy did it catch me by surprise. This hand cream is so moisturizing minus the sticky feeling, it feels so silky when you apply it and leaves your hands like butter (well really soft). I have also seen improvements on my skin after two uses.

5. Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Towelettes | These packets are easy to carry anywhere, smell awesome and clean my face off 1,2,3 without having me break out later on. My face feels fresh and clean once i take off my makeup and helps it come off effortlessly.

6. Baby Lips | Okay i spoke about this product before here, but this is my go to daily lipstick/chap stick. Leaves my lips feeling so soft in this cold weather and you get great color.

These are pretty much what i can’t live without this fall. What are your fall favorites that you can’t live without?

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