Awesome Life | Being the Best You!

Although no one is perfect, I like to find peace in everything, or at least in the things I do. I do not like to be hard on myself and not appreciate life, although lets be honest, sometimes I forget to do that. So with that being said, here are 10 things i am trying to adapt into my life for being the best me possible …..


1. Try to not let the little things stress you out. |  Really! Everything happens for a reason and sometimes if it is out of your hands and you can not solve the problem, just move on and forget about it. I use to always flip out if something out of my hands happened. Or i worried too easily. I am such a nervous person sometimes that it can stress me out in a nano second. Sometimes i have to remind myself that it can always be worst.

2. Get a Good Night Sleep. | Sleep is something people like to ignore a lot. When in reality it is very important. If i don’t have at least 5 hours of sleep (recommended 8 hrs), I will not function properly in the morning. I am dazed out and sluggish and have zero energy. Sleep is number one for you to be able to function throughout the day, not coffee or any other caffinated drinks.

3. Don’t be Negative | In all honesty, I suffered from this at one point in my life, where i was so negative about things. If there was an opportunity, i would quickly shut it down thinking “oh they don’t want me” or if someone gave me a compliment: “nah, i doubt thats what they meant”. Sometimes being negative can bring you down, even without you even noticing. Being positive is one of the greatest strengths in helping you grow in life and it can also change your mentality on everything you think and see.

4. Create Goals | Goals are awesome, they motivate you to do more with your life and try different things you never thought of doing, or would normally not think about doing in the future. Create a bucket list on anything: Life, Ambitions, Places you want to see, Places you want to dine at, etc. When you have goals, It gives you hope, and something to look forward to in life. Which feels great. Especially when you accomplish them.

5. Don’t talk Crap/Judge Others | Another negative trait. This may be hard for some people, because let’s be honest, people always judge without thinking or knowing. I won’t sit here and lie and say gossip isn’t good, but if you don’t know the facts, don’t judge. Try to be more understanding of people, and don’t talk bad about others either.

6. Always Make Time for YOU | Life is too short, and I have come to realize that more recently, I mean really really realize it. it passes by in a blink of an eye. So it is very important with all the rush and busy schedules to make time for yourself. Even if it’s an hour lay on the couch, TV kind of day, spend time in quiet, or having a beauty/spa day. Enjoy time for yourself. You will feel better, more focused and you also take time to sit and actually think.

7. Try Something New | I have always been a person where it’s hard for me to step out of my comfort zone. I noticed the more you try new things the more fun and exciting it can be. Obviously there are some things that i will absolutely not do (like skydive) but hey, if your thinking of trying something but are a little back and forth with it, i say just do it! You only live once! Do it!

8. Be Honest with Yourself | Don’t lie to yourself just to make someone feel better. Be honest in the things you want and believe in. Dont feel obligated to anything or anyone (unless it’s your family). Live a life true and honest and you will be happy with yourself. Learn to balance your yes’s and no’s and don’t be afraid to say no from time to time. Be realistic with yourself.

9. Spend Time with Your Friends & Family | I’ve learned with time and as i got older how important my friends and family are to me. You only live once like i’ve said before and you only have the time you have now to enjoy with your loved ones. Go out together, go on vacations together, call each other once in a while and spend time with them now when you have the chance, cause you are never promised tomorrow.

10. Don’t Stay In Bed All Day | One thing I have learned is never over sleep or under sleep and never stay in bed. You will just feel worst, and not so happy and energized. get up early and move, enjoy life and be the best you possible!

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