Loving | 3 Art Blogs | Link Up

I have always been scoring the internet world for some great art blogs to follow lately and have come across some really talented and inspirational people. These on the other hand are three of my favorite artists from my past years that i still follow till this day! Not only are the blogs icandy but they are also fun! Check them out!

Paper Fashion | What an amazing artist, love her watercolor fashion illustrations, seriously her artwork is pure icandy!

Anti Girl | I grew up since highschool following her work and i think she is amazing and unique.


Larissa Meek | Another female i have been following since high school and she is so multi-talented, not only was she a model, but is a mom to beautiful twins and a beautiful graphic artist, web developer and illustrator!

Check out these amazing ladies, they always amaze me with their work. Have a wonderful weekend!

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