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Wedding Wednesday | Bridesmaids Dresses

So this month we finally found the dress for the bridesmaids. I am very happy with them because they were the dresses i always wanted to begin with. I remember seeing them on a wedding blog when i first started saving images and inspirations. I was in love with the way you can have the same dress but different looks. Let me just say we went to two stores and we were done! I originally had an ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Birthday & Massachusetts

TINK * TINK * Hey guys! I know i have been major M.I.A. what can i say it's been a pretty busy week.  I haven't had time to blog to be honest and I was busy partying it up and living the life for a little bit. lol Not really, although i have been partying I have also been a little distracted lately. I had a stressful week worrying about something and in the end it ended up okay. I don't think it's ... Read the Post

Awesome Life | 10 Steps to Enjoying Life

 Image Source Take a simple walk, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of life, even when things can become a little hectic, doing something as simple as taking a long walk to clear your mind from everyday life allows you to go back with a fresh mind and better attitude. Have at least 15 minutes of peace and quiet for the day, or lock yourself in your car. Do not take ... Read the Post

Project Life | Week 1 & 2

I am really excited on starting my 2014 project life album this year. It's all about us and I am thrilled to go about documenting my year as an upcoming wife to be, and just starting a new chapter in my life. This year though the 1st started on a Wednesday so I am just adding my first page spread with new years eve pictures. I wanted to capture the excitement and fun we had brining in the new ... Read the Post

The Weekly | Bridesmaids & Shopping

This week was pretty fun. I finally got the girls together so they can go pick out their bridesmaids dress. Let me just tell you that the first store we went to was horrendous. They wanted us to take our shoes off, and it looked like we walked into a thrift store instead of a bridal store ..... more on that another time. I have been watching what I eat and so far  I'm down  7 lbs down. I got ... Read the Post

Wedding Wednesday | Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are really fun to take. I didn't think i would want them but once i found a deal on Living Social i had to pick it up. We took our photos at the same location I got proposed too at Gantry Park. This is a spot we always loved to spend time at and since he proposed to me there i figured let's get our engagement shots there too. Our photos were taken by Jacquie at ... Read the Post

Currently | Jan. 7th

Drinking: Water, i kind of got tired of the coffee high i was having in December, I started to realize i needed to drink more water, i was breaking out like crazy so yes water water water. Eating: Pretty much homemade, non-fast food. Trying to eat clean. Listening: To Drake whining constantly, seriously i do not know what is on his biscuit lately but he is not trying to talk normal, like ... Read the Post

Project Life | Cover

Here is to another great year using project life. Project life has changed my routine in scrapbooking in so many ways. It has helped me document my years with such ease, in a no stress way. I love how i can document my life without having to overdo it. Not that i don't enjoy creating layouts or scrapbook pages from time to time, but this is more realistic with my time right now and it helps me get ... Read the Post

January Wishlist

So here we are, my beautiful Birthday month! Like christmas time wasn't enough now it is the time for everyone in my family's birthday. Yes i am serious, it's my birthday, Thomas birthday, my mother, brother and father's birthday lol. Oh and that is not including my friends. So yes like December wasn't enough, January is filled with more gift giving for me :) but i love it of course. So here are a ... Read the Post